28 Panels 2019

Mixed media, paint & digital composite on aluminium

28 panels, each 150mm x 150mm

The two places I live and the journey between.

I spent a few months taking photos on my familiar routes around the city and my haven in the Coromandel.

Walking around central Auckland I was surrounded by cranes, metal scaffolding and towering buildings from an abundance of development .
People becoming de-sensitised, having to accept their new environment. Some choosing to ignore the signs and to continue without questioning, not considering the consequences.
I recorded my journey between the two places. Travelling down the Southern Motorway, creating an illusion of snapshots framed by old film negatives. The dreamy feeling I sometimes feel as I move from such extreme lands only separated by 154.2 kilometres and minimal hours . A journey that is constantly prolonged by the Auckland influx, sometimes taking more time to reach the Bombay’s than the entire journey.
I have included a snapshot of Sailors Grave, where nearby land has been carved by local developers and sponsors. Fortunately there have been regulations placed to preserve the beautiful Te Kara Bay. Developers have been constrained by rules and subdivision monitored to preserve a Kiwi treasure.

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